Flash Looping Background Tutorial
Have you ever seen those Flash Ads that have a moving background that is on a perpetual loop? Like a plane flying through clouds, where the clouds loop continuously making the plane appear to be soaring through the sky. In this exercise we'll create a looping background as our superhero flies across the sky.

Also, you'll learn how to animate smoke.  A great tutorial and the final file is only 43 KB!

Adding Flash to Blogger
Everyone wants to liven up their Blogger account with a little Flash.  Now, I can show you how to add Flash to the header.  The header can even have buttons that will link to posts or pages on your website.  Your Flash header can have music that you can turn off or on...

Blogger Tweaks
Tweak your blog!  Add a background picture, change the background color, remove the Navbar and Title, or center the header.  This tutorial walks you through these tweaks step-by-step.